Our Story

Passion for Quality

Meet the visionaries behind Black Beards Woodworking and Sawmill.

Our Story

Small Beginnings

Black Beards Woodworking & Sawmill was born out of the love of wood and the desire to repurpose Timber that would otherwise go to waste. A lot of our most beautiful decorative wood comes from local Calgary trees that would have ended up at the landfill if we did not exist. The other portion of our wood is sourced through sustainable forestry practices to ensure we get high-quality saw logs that keep this industry thriving. 

At Black Beards Woodworking & Sawmill, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our operations. While our primary product is Lumber/Timber/Beams for residential and business clients, we also produce all types of wood materials in-house. This results in a diverse selection of live edge and other wood product options, all created to preserve our environment and maintain a high utilization. 

At Black Beards Woodworking & Sawmill, our owners are not just passionate enthusiasts, but also dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver the highest quality wood products and uphold our customer service promise without fail, every single time.

Our team believes in having great people and delivering good and honest products that support residences and businesses throughout North America. We believe in business for good and the ethics behind running a positive business that contributes to the economy.

Therefore, we provide opportunities for people to have great careers, with us paid well for their efforts and allowing us to produce high-quality products. We work closely with our suppliers and business partners to maintain honest relationships that support all parties involved. 


Mission & Vision

To provide high quality wood products sustainably sourced and up-cycle from Canadian natural resources and become Calgary’s premier sawmill supporting local residents & businesses.