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What is true dimensional lumber?

True dimensional lumber is rough cut so that the dimensions are accurate. When you buy a 4×4 board you will actually receive a 4×4. Unlike a department store that generally is S2S or S4S standard this makes the wood thinner even though it is sold as a 4×4. 

What is S2S and S4s?

S2S and S4S is an industry notation for Sanded/surfaced 2 sides or 4 sides. It just means that a board/timber has been taken from a rough cut into a smooth board. 

Do you sell by linear feet?

We do not price based on linear feet we price per board. Each board is based on a competitive market price and generally cheaper than our competition because we produce all our wood in house. 

can I come pick up today?

We are primarily a custom sawmill and therefore require that people place orders with us ahead of time with an average 1-2 week wait time. Orders can be expedited and sometimes we have inventory on hand, however, with us it is best to plan ahead and place your order early for on time delivery. 

What species do you carry?

In lumber we have: Spruce, Pine, Poplar, Douglas Fir and Cedar.

In Live Edge we have: Spruce, Pine, Poplar, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Tamarack/Larch, Birch, Maple, Elm, Willow, Ash, Olive, Walnut, and some other specialty types of wood. *Availability may vary*

how far do you deliver?

We generally will service AB, BC, SK, & MN, however, the further you are the higher the transportation costs and volume expectations. Local delivery is available for a flat rate and outside of our local radius we will deliver on our long haul delivery rate. We can ship some products across Canada.